"The thriller is not a recent invention. It probably goes back to the dawn of storytelling." - Lee Child

When you put an unforgettable character in an impossible situation, you have a plot. When you squeeze that character in a vise and set the clock ticking, then you have a thriller.

Tony Berryman writes thrillers because he loves books that keep him on the edge of his seat. Thomas Perry. Lee Child. James Joyce. Well, maybe not him. John Sandford. Michael Crichton. Excellent craft mixed with incisive research and given an almighty twist. These are Tony's guiding lights.



Tony has spent several years as a freelance writer. Access this section of his website here.

About Tony Berryman

Registered Massage Therapist, snowplow driver, gardener, writer. Find out more here.



Treasure. Disappearances. Crop Circles. Coincidences.

Tony Berryman
"The only believable history of the world I have ever encountered." - Lemony Snicket

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