Short Article - How To Flatter Women

"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."
"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master -- that's all."
- Lewis Carroll

How To Flatter Women


           Flattery will get you everywhere. Seriously, it’s true. Flattery – not syrupy platitudes or outright lies, but the honest appreciation of another person’s finer points – can open doors for you that would otherwise stay shut. Flattery can get you jobs, chocolates, and kisses. It can get you free rides, increased business, and better seats at the restaurant. Flattery got me married. Well, it helped, anyway.

            The technique of flattering someone can be learned. To some it comes naturally, to others it seems foreign at first; but everyone can learn to look at another person, see what is good and special about them, and say it. Flattery can make your day, your life, and the world a better place. So, in the interests of world happiness and general good feeling, here are some pointers.

            Be specific. “You look beautiful today” is a hackneyed platitude. Some women will take it as a nice generic compliment, and some will scowl at you, wondering what you really want. It doesn’t carry enough weight to do anything. Instead, try focusing on your woman and seeing what catches your eye. Is it her hair, its colour or bounce? Her dress, her eyes, her earrings? Really look, and see what it is about her that appeals to you. Then tell her. “You have wonderful eyes.” She will either be delighted at the compliment, or she’ll say, ‘Oh yeah? What do you like about them?’ Or she will be suspicious of your motives (or just suspicious of flattery in general). In any case, be ready with more details. “The colour suits you. They are very large. They sparkle like you’re constantly in love.” With that much detail she knows you’re really looking, and the flattery is deeply received.

            Avoid the man-trap. You know what I mean, guys. “Great hooters, babe. Love that ass. You’ve got the hips of a desert rose.” Sure, a woman’s, um, womanly aspects naturally draw our eye, but they don’t particularly want to know, and usually react negatively when we speak from our inner caveman. You have to really know the woman, and know what you can get away with in the moment, in order to use bottom-end flattery successfully. For most occasions it is just too risky. You’re best to avoid it.

            Watch for conversational openings. Is she commenting on something beautiful? Point out that the flower, scenery, sunset, whatever, took lessons from her. Did she made a good decision about something? Tell her, and tell her you’re not surprised about it. Does something catch her eye? Ask her what appeals to her about the thing (getting specific again), then affirm that she has excellent taste. Remember, don’t lie! Only flatter with the truth.

            Above any techniques or tricks, true flattery comes from a state of mind. When you hold in yourself the idea that your woman is worthy of deep and continuing admiration, then endless opportunities for honest flattery will spring to life each and every day. Use them! Once she knows that you are really paying attention, you will begin to reap rewards that your friends could only dream of. You can do it; after all, you were smart enough to read this.