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Profiles and Sidebars

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Rocky Mountain Pro Drivers - Excellence In Education

Published in Kootenay Business Magazine, January 2009


  Gifted educators – teachers who know their material, have the tools and techniques to teach a wide variety of students, and care enough to make sure that every student excels – are a bit of a rarity. Finding one at a professional driving school is nothing short of a surprise. But Rocky Korchinski, owner and chief instructor of Cranbrook’s Rocky Mountain Pro Drivers, Inc., fits the bill. Strange indeed, since his own schooling officially stopped at grade 10.

            Rocky Mountain Pro Drivers has been training students for class 1, 3, and 4 driving careers since 2003, and doing it with uncommon care and attention to teaching methodology and detail. Classes consist of air brakes training, truck theory, one-on-one lessons in the appropriate vehicle, and advanced mountain training, which is highly recommended given BC’s abundant steep roads. Pro Drivers’ goal is not to help people pass their commercial road test. “The road test is the easiest two hours you’ll ever spend in my equipment,” says Rocky. “We train you to pass your employer’s road test, which is much more stressful. We train drivers for real life.”

            Rocky made his way into the trucking industry soon after high school, amassing over a million miles of driving experience before being sidelined by an arm injury. He retrained as a software technician. All this time he was helping and supporting his former wife as she earned a Bachelor’s degree and then a Master’s in education. He was also listening, sitting in on classes, and discussing education theory with her. In his own job he taught people how to use their computers, and began to apply some of what he was learning.

            Eventually his old arm injury threatened to end his second career. One day he took his daughter out for a driving lesson, and the revelation for his third career hit him ...

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