Tony Berryman

Writing mysteries and thrillers,
two fingers at a time

The Night Nurse

a massage therapy thriller – Available Now

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She works in the night. He’s the only one who can see her coming.

Wendy is a self-appointed angel of mercy who removes her patients from their pain. Jackson is an impulsive massage therapist with an obsession for patterns. His elder patients are dying, and he’s the only one who sees the connections.

She’s tired of running. He’s afraid of the psych ward. As their paths spiral together and neither can let the other go, Jackson must put his career and his freedom on the line, learn to accept his obsession and use the patterns – or lose everything to the night nurse.


Welcome to my online home! Read more about The Night Nurse here and keep updated on readings and appearances. Occasionally I add articles about massage therapy, writing, and other miscellany.

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