The Night Nurse

a massage therapy thriller

OH. MY. GOD. ITS FABULOUS. Plot, characters, intrigue, evil and good and your descriptive eloquence. Absolutely smashing novel.” – Courtney Allen, Bacchus Books

A propulsive and twisting thriller that seems especially relevant today with all the death running tragically amok among seniors.” – Dan Kalla, author of Pandemic, We All Fall Down, and The Last High

What would you risk to save a patient? To save a friend?

There’s a pattern to everything. Even death. When Jackson’s older massage therapy patients start dying, his obsession with patterns shows him that it’s not their time. Their homes are subtly altered – a lifetime of comfortable patterns is being destroyed. The next day his patients are gone.

Wendy is a nurse who knows a hundred ways to give her patients the final relief. When the body count rises and suspicion mounts, she moves west. Now her back is against the Pacific. No one has ever seen the secret nature of her work in the night. Until now.

Wendy’s tired of running. Jackson’s afraid of the psych ward. As their paths spiral closer and neither can let the other go, Jackson must put his career and his freedom on the line, learn to accept his obsession and use the patterns – or lose everything to the night nurse.

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He squashed the bedspread under his hand, letting his frustration show. “I’ve tried anything to keep my patients safe. I don’t know what else to do.”

“Safe?” Her eyebrows arched together over those level eyes, and she smiled. “Safe from what? From death? In that case, my boy, you think too much of your talents.” That brought a laugh. At the end of it she winced a little.

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