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The Night Nurse

A Massage Therapy Thriller

Jackson Teague is a massage therapist with a curse. It’s called pattern-fascination OCD, and it makes him a brilliant therapist. It also once landed him in a padded room, and he is never going back there.

Wendy Corbett is a nurse who cares too much about her patients’ pain. She knows a hundred ways to move them beyond it, and she’s never been caught – whenever someone suspects she picks up and moves west. Now she’s in Vancouver, as far west as she can go, and she is tired of always running.

When Jackson’s elderly home-visit patients start dying, only he can see that it is not by natural causes. Their homes are subtly changed the day before they die, and nothing he does can stop it. Wendy is delighted to have found an entire clientele who need her services, but someone is ruining her plans.

As his wild accusations threaten his career and the danger grows to threaten his friends, Jackson must reach within. He must learn to see his curse as a gift to see the patterns and reveal the truth, or lose everything to the Night Nurse.

The Night Nurse is looking for a publisher – email if you’d like to see more of this massage therapy thriller.