Trigger Jones

Gravity Doesn’t Lie

Book One in the Joe Drive Space Noir series

All he wants is to be left alone. But the Solar System has other plans.

Joe Drive is done being a spacejet pilot, done fighting the Resistance. Retired to a quiet life on the far side of the Moon. Then an impossible request from the most beautiful woman in the Solar System brings a world of trouble to his door.

Now assassins want him dead, the richest and most dangerous Elite in the Solar System wants a quiet word, and a young monk from the obscure Peter Foundation says his mission will affect humanity’s future. Somebody has created a Graviton strong enough to kill the Moon, and Joe has no idea why.

Joe Drive needs to get off the launch pad and back into the game. He needs to save the girl, protect the Moon, face his old Commander and help the Resistance in their struggle against the Elites. If only to regain his peace and quiet.

In a Solar System where everything is up in the air and nothing is what it seems, Joe’s best friend is the spacejet pilot’s ultimate truth: Gravity Doesn’t Lie.

“Gravity Doesn’t Lie is a high-octane space-noir action-thriller set in a not-so-distant future. Part Blade Runner, part Chinatown, and completely its own thing, GDL is a fast and fun dive into a dystopian solar system. Joe Drive is an unforgettable etching, the archetypal noir protagonist haunted by a dark past. Get ready to embark, strap in, and blast for the atmosphere.”

– Reader Review

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