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Traditional Or Indie? A Fundamental Question Should I find a traditional publisher for my brand-new baby book, or self-publish? It’s perhaps the first fork on the twisty road from writer to author. In 2020, it is a more relevant question than ever. Here are some factors that led to my decision, in case it helps […]
When I picked up the latest Lee Child novel, Never Go Back – well, grabbed it out of my wife’s hand as she walked through the door – and opened it up to the first page, after the first sentence I had to pause. ‘He nailed it,’ I thought to myself, ‘the bugger did it […]
We can remake the world as we see fit. One of the main joys of writing stories is the ability to rewrite the rules – from giving voice and sensibility to farm animals to reimagining the laws of physics. One minor drawback – we have to follow the new rules we’ve made. It’s called plausible […]
This story is great. No, it’s garbage. Everybody will want to read this. Nobody will get past the first page. I’m going to be rich and famous from this stuff! I might as well give up right now. Sound familiar? I’m convinced that writing fiction is one of the most manic-depressive jobs in existence. Every […]